Start your application

Thanks for considering Christian Life Training Institute as an institution that can help you further your depth of knowledge and service of our Lord Jesus. Before starting the application form, please take a moment to read the following:

1.) The online form cannot be saved once you have started. Please set aside at about 1 hour of uninterrupted time to allow you to complete the form.

2.) If you wish to go back to the previous page once you have started your application, please use the back button on the page. Avoid using the backspace on your keyboard. Pressing the backspace on your keyboard will erase your application and you will have to start again.

3.) There are 2 essay questions, which might require some thought. It is advisable to type these out first in a word processing software such as MS Word and then copy and paste your answers. The questions are listed below:

- Question 1: Please briefly explain when and how your discipleship of Jesus Christ began and how it has developed 
- Question 2: Please explain why you are applying for the course you have selected and what you hope to achieve by completing it? 

4.) We require the name and contact details of two references – church and personal references. Before submitting the form, please confirm that your chosen referees are happy for you to include their names in your application to us. The information we need on the form includes their:

- Telephone number
- Email address

5.) If there any questions that do not apply to you, please insert "N/A".

If unable to complete this online application, please contact our office on 020 8858 6482 to request a paper form. Please note that there is a £10 administration fee for paper forms.