Thanks for considering Christian Life Training Institute as an institution that can help you further your depth of knowledge and service of our Lord Jesus.


Each academic year consists of three terms. There is a £10 administration fee for submitting a paper application form. (There is no fee for submitting an online application)


CDC – £390 per year (payable in one single payment* or termly)

MTC – £450 per year (payable in one single payment* or termly)

*Students are eligible to receive a £60 discount if full payment is made by Monday 10th September 2018


Download a paper form here or start your online application by clicking here.


2018/19 Dates:

Application deadline

The application deadline is Sunday, 2nd September 2018


New academic year commences on

Tuesday, 11th September 2018


Term dates (these dates may be subject to changes)

Term 1: Tuesday 11th Sept 2018 – 11th Dec 2018
Term 2: Tuesday 15th Jan 2019 –  9th Apr 2019
Term 3: Tuesday 30th Apr 2019 – 30th Jul 2019


Lecture location

The Halley Academy, Corelli Road, London SE3 8EP