Christian Discipleship Course

Christian Discipleship Course

This is a one-year course for the Christian who would like to be grounded in their faith.

It is a part time course held once a week – on a Tuesday evening between 7.00pm to 9:15pm.

The course content emphasises basic discipleship themes and foundational Christian doctrines. It covers several topics including the Holy Spirit, divine health, evangelism, what happens when we die, spiritual authority, Jesus Christ, fasting, and much more.


Basic Course Requirements


The following is a brief highlight of what is involved in participating in this course:

  1. One year part time course for CDC certificate
  1. One evening a week teaching – Tuesday evening between 7.00pm to 9.15pm
  1. Punctuality. A minimum of 70 per cent punctual to pass the course
  1. Attendance. A minimum of 70 per cent attendance to pass the course
  1. Submit all homework within the course requirements. These include memory verses, written and practical assignments
  1. Disciple at one least one person over the period of the year
  1. Evangelise for two hours on Saturdays for four weeks during the course
  1. Local church involvement during the course


Download the CDC Summary